The Four Reasons Dance Is Important To Your Child’s Life

Many parents sign their children up for some kind of after-school activity. However, it's challenging to decide what that activity should be, especially when your child is young and unsure what it is they even want to do. While there are many options, choosing dance classes is a great start. Here are four reasons dance can play an important role in your child's life: Fitness: First and foremost, dance is a form of fitness. Read More 

Learning Cultural Diversity Through Dances: Fun Dance Sessions You Should Try

Every nationality and ethnicity has its own type of dance that it claims for itself. Regardless of what you think of some of these forms of dance, they are fun to learn, and even more challenging than you think. If you would like to learn more about any one culture, nationality or ethnicity, you should take music and dance sessions. There is a lot going on in the music and dance of these cultures because there are always stories and history behind them. Read More 

How To Use Hip Hop As An Educational Tool

Kids like hip hop. It's a form of music that they feel belongs to them because many older adults don't like it or don't approve. It also talks about current events that they might be interested in or social justice topics that they could feel strongly about but not know how to express. As a result, there is a lot to be gained by integrating hip hop into the classroom. Here are some tips for using hip hop as an educational tool. Read More